Research Articles On Nepal Earthquakes (Updated Page)

The following are open-access journal papers and useful for journalists to inform their reporting and writing with authentic and scientific information on earthquakes:

Bollinger L, Tapponnier P, Sapkota S,  Klinger Y (2016) Slip deficit in central Nepal: omen for a repeat of the 1344 AD earthquake? Earth, Planets and Space, 68: 12-23.

Tanakai N, Shigefuji M, Rajaure S, Bijukchhen S, Ichiyanagi M, Dhital M, Sasatani T (2016) Strong ground motion in the Kathmandu Valley during the 2015 Gorkha, Nepal, earthquake. Earth, Planets and Space,  68: 10-17.

Kobayashi T, Morishita Y, Yarai H (2015) Detailed crustal deformation and fault rupture of the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, Nepal, revealed from ScanSAR-based interferograms of ALOS-2. Earth, Planets and Space, 67:201-79.

Avouac, jean-Philippe, Meng, Lingsen, Wei, Shengji, Wang, Teng and Ampuero, Jean-Palul (2015). Lower edge of locked Main Himalayan Thrust unzipped by the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, Nature Geoscience. 8: 708-713.

J. Galetzka, D. Melgar, J. F. Genrich, J. et al. (2015). Slip pulse and resonance of the Kathmandu basin during the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, Nepal. Science, 349 (6252): 1091-1095.

Roy B, Sathian B, Banerjee I. (2015)  Nepal earthquake 2015 – an overview. Journal of Biomedical Sciences, 2(1):20-21.

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