Story Of Quake Survivors In ‘Miracle Survival’ Documentary

Kathmandu, July 13: Ganesh Panday, a journalist, has come up with a documentary titled ‘Miracle Survival in Nepal’s Earthquake’ incorporating the story of some Nepalis, who were successful to overcome death in the quake.

The 55-minute documentary has incorporated the live video of the falling Dharahara and story of seven Nepalis who had a miracle escape from the jaws of death in April 25 quake.

Director Panday said, “The documentary, prepared after 1.5 months hard work, is an important document for the future. It does not only incorporate the story of those who survived, and those who saved them, but also gives a message for new construction.”

The documentary would be screened in and out of the country soon. Panday further said that the amount collected from charity show of the documentary would be spent in the treatment of the characters of the documentary, who are dismembered, and to support their livelihood.

The Rising Nepal, 13 July 2015

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