Disaster Reporting: An Interview With Nepal’s Kunda Dixit

Kunda Dixit is Chief Editor of the Nepali Times, an English weekly magazine based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Long before the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, he and his paper had warned the public about the approaching danger. Unfortunately, few were listening.

After the earthquake, the page views of the Nepali Times website increased ten-fold. In this video, Dixit talks about how the earthquake prompted the paper to adopt a “digital first” strategy. He also talks about the dos and don’ts in disaster reporting.


A former reporter for the BBC, Dixit is also co-founder and former chairman of the Nepal Centre for Investigative Journalism in Kathmandu, one of the oldest investigative journalism nonprofits in the developing world. He has written several books, among them Dateline Earth: Journalism as if the Planet Mattered, on environmental journalism, and the widely acclaimed trilogy A People War, which chronicles Nepal’s long, bloody civil war through photographs.

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