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Please email us any information, facts, links and resources useful for journalists in covering the earthquake and the recovery process. If you are interested in contributing articles, reports,  reflections, or opinions on media roles and performance on the tragedy, or their situation, we would like to hear from you.

If you would like to join our group of volunteers, please give us a call or drop a message.

Key Contacts:

Editorial matters
Jagadish Pokhrel. Phone: 9841350753. Email: [email protected]
Editorial matters (Nepali language)
Rabi Raj Baral. Phone: 9851048942. Email: [email protected]
Punita Rimal. Phone: 9841550629. Email: [email protected]
Prabhat Kiran Koirala. Phone: 9841578472. Email: [email protected]
Fundraising and contributions
Narendra Pande. Phone: 9851000802. Email: [email protected]
Health and trauma issues
Dr Shyam Lohani, clinical psychologist. Phone: 9851038490. Email: [email protected]
Marcel J Casavant, MD, emergency medicine & pediatrics. Phone: 1-614-355-0428. Email: [email protected]
Dr Rais Vohra, MD, emergency medicine. Phone 1-559-499-6411. Email: [email protected]
Dr Casey Herrforth, MD, emergency medicine.
Coordination & volunteering
Dr. Dharma Adhikari, Phone: 9841869802. Email: [email protected]